Sibling Preparation

Welcoming a new baby to your family is an adjustment for everyone, perhaps more so for older sibling(s). Children ages 2 to 10, along with their parents, join us at the Mount Nittany Medical Center for a morning of hands on exploration and fun. We begin class with a craft and a measuring activity to see just how much we have grown since we were a tiny baby! Class continues by covering ways children will be helpers following the birth of a new baby.

• Where will mommy be? – Children will visit the labor and delivery and recovery rooms on the Labor and Delivery floor.

• What will the new baby look like? – Children will view real photos of babies, then later peek in on newborn babies in the hospital nursery.

• What can I do with my new baby? – Children learn simple and safe ways to interact with a baby, using life like dolls.

• How can I help Mommy and Daddy with the baby? – Children practice helping at bath time, with diaper changing, dressing, swaddling and holding a new baby. We even learn a few fun games older siblings can play with a newborn baby.

• Where will my baby sleep? – Together, we will examine the hospital bassinet and discuss what we might see when look into the crib.

Class Fee: $15 per child, $12 per child if 3 or more siblings (payable by credit card or check)

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