Happiest Baby on the Block

Chances are someone has told you will never sleep again now that you are having a baby. Making the adjustment to life outside of mom can be quite challenging for a new born baby. The first weeks as a new family are full of joy, wonder and change. While wanting to soothe your new baby is instinctual, knowing how to do it is a learned skilled.

New moms and veterans alike know that a baby’s continual cries can be stressful and upsetting. Not only that, it can lead to exhaustion, breastfeeding problems, marital stress and postpartum depression. Dr. Harvey Karp’s step-by-step process explains how to decipher your baby’s language, and helps calm even the fussiest of babies, helping everyone sleep better and enjoy their time together more.

The Happiest Baby is a one-night practical, hands-on class that will give parents the tools to soothe a crying baby and help her sleep longer. Our certified Happiest Baby educator will teach Dr. Harvey Karp’s simple, seemingly miraculous techniques. Expectant couples, as well as parents with newborn babies will benefit from this class. The class includes a copy of “The Happiest baby on the Block” DVD (with both English and Spanish tracks) and “Super-Soothing Sleep Sounds” CD.

Class Fee: $40 (payable by credit card or check) 

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