Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my insurance company cover your classes?

As insurance company policies are ever-changing, we recommend contacting your insurance company to find out if they cover prepared childbirth/early pregnancy classes. Many insurance companies will cover partial or total class fees. In the past, insurance companies have sent expectant parents forms via post or email to be filled out by the parents and childbirth class instructors. 

Q: How can I pay for my classes and can I bring payment to the first night of class?

In order to reserve your space and complete your registration, payment will need to be received prior to the start of class. After you have received your registration letter via email from our Registrar, we ask that you mail in your check or money order with the appropriate portion of the registration letter. We also accept PayPal (with a 3% processing fee) as form of payment for our classes.  The registrar will send you an invoice if you choose PayPal.

Q: What if I have to miss a class during a series?

We understand that life gets busy! Our instructors and class assistants will work with you to make sure that information you missed during a class is shared with you. Often, the teachers or assistants can meet with you before or after class to review information. Breathing and relaxation techniques are practiced and reviewed week to week. We recommend giving the instructor advance notice, if possible. 

Q: Does the class fee cover one person or one couple?

The class fee covers the expectant mother, as well as one support person, unless otherwise noted. 

Q: My support person can't come with me for one of the classes. Is it ok to bring my mom/friend/someone else instead?

Our classes involve practice, often with the support person. If your support person cannot attend, you are welcome to bring someone like a family member to help you with practice and support during class. Our teachers and class assistants can also help support you through the guided practice sessions during class. We suggest talking to your teacher about this as well. 

Q: There are two options for Prepared Childbirth Classes, the 6 week Series and the Weekend. Is the same information taught in both classes?

Yes, you will learn the same information in either class. However, it will be presented in different formats. The 6 week Prepared Childbirth Series class allows for a more moderate pace, additional practice time and review time for relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. The Weekend Prepared Childbirth class is taught at a more intensive pace and does not allow for quite as much practice time for the breathing and relaxation techniques that you will learn.